The UHD Spain Association celebrates its first anniversary on January 26th, with great satisfaction for the work done, the goals achieved and, new projects and exciting challenges for the next year.

The management of the Board of Directors, presided by the Director of Technology Development Strategy of RTVE, Pere Vila, was unanimously approved at the first Annual Assembly, held on November 15th in Malaga, by the 33 members of this non-profit association.

During this first year, UHD Spain has developed significant internal and external activities, with several milestones: the start in June of two UHD television channels on Digital Terrestrial Television, Satellite, the Red Button and, the Internet. More than 40 cities have been able to receive these UHD signals, making their programming accessible free of charge to more than 50% of the Spanish population.

The capture, post-production, encoding, broadcasting and, reception teams’ work resulted in the first UHD Spain White Book, which in 2022 will have a second edition with a special dedication to audio.

The seventh edition of the 4K-HDR Summit, held in a hybrid format at Polo Nacional de Contenidos Digitales in Málaga, was an opportunity to highlight the progress of Ultra High Definition in Spain to the international technology and content community.

In Europe, only five countries have national professional associations on Ultra High Definition: Germany, France, United Kingdom, Italy and, Spain. But none of them had as much activity as the Spanish one, which is already in dialogue to collaborate with the three international associations: UHD Alliance, Ultra HD Forum and, the 8K Association.

Some of the Association’s 2022 Strategic Action Plan’s main goals include international alliances, the addition of new chapters to the Ultra High Definition White Book, the incorporation of new members and, continuing with the mission of promoting the television of the future in Spain.

The eighth edition of the 4K-HDR Summit, to be held in November in Malaga, will be the main event to present the advances of this new technology in Spain, with demonstrations and technical meetings of public and private broadcasters associated with UHD Spain.

During its first year, UHD Spain has also had a presence in other events (such as the 5G Forum and SUTUS) and in social networks, in order to promote UHD in Spain.

In addition, in 2022 the association plans to hold different panel discussions, webinars and, conferences to introduce the advances of Ultra High Definition in the Spanish audiovisual ecosystem.

In addition to Pere Vila, the Board of Directors of UHD Spain is composed of Xavi Redón (Cellnex), María Medina (Medina Media), Emili Planas (Mediapro), Jorge Rodríguez (Hispasat) and Eduardo Valencia (Ametic).

Another of the association’s goals for 2022 is to expand its institutional activity and increase the number of members and collaborators.

>UHD Spain was established as a non-profit association on January 26th, 2021, by 30 founding members: ADM Group, Ametic, Ateme, AtresMedia, Axion, Canon, Cellnex, Dolby, Drago/Secuoya, Egatel, Fecotel, Fenitel, Fraunhofer, Gsertel, Henneo Group, Hispasat, Hurí, Lavinia, Mediapro, Medina Media, RTVE, Rohde & Schwarz, Sapec, Tedial, Telecom Castilla La Mancha, Televés, TRedess, the Polytechnic University of Madrid, UTECA and Vestel. They have been joined by FORTA, TV3 and Videomos, as well as Canal Sur, Synamedia and the Colegio Oficial de Ingenieros Técnicos de Telecomunicaciones (COITT), as collaborators.

For more information and how to become a member of UHD Spain: coordinacion@uhdspain.es