How to watch UHD Spain broadcasts

Spanish DTT connection

Check this list according to the area where you are:

Spanish DTT channels list

If you get the signal through an individual antenna and you are in the broadcasting area of coverage, you will find the channel by retuning your UHD TV, in case of communal antenna it is possible that the channel is not incorporated in your Communal Antenna, if you have doubts about this, you can contact the company responsible for your communal installation, or the person in charge of the Community of Neighbors.

Satellite connection

If you receive satellite TV through HISPASAT and you have a TV and receiver compatible with UHD, then tune it to the frequency 11382V (vertical polarization).

If you do not have an antenna oriented to HISPASAT and you wish to have it you can consult with the telecommunications provider of your confidence.

Through the Internet

You can follow it by accessing the live streaming: