Become a partner

What are the membership advantages?

Being a member of the UHD SPAIN Association has many opportunities.

By participating in the development and implementation of 4K in Spain, members can help in shaping the future of 4K.

By sharing both knowledge and market experience, UHD SPAIN partners work together to ensure that specifications continue delivering on the market requirements, while also supporting innovation for the supply on future TV services.

With industry wide recognition and growing support from key influencers, UHD SPAIN membership provides recognition by association and results in networking opportunities for participants.

UHD SPAIN has different workgroups that contribute to the development of 4K and the association development itself.


What is the cost of membership?


Big companies, manufacturers, producers, studios, and so on, that participate in any step of the Ultra High Definition chain in Spain.
They have responsibilities and obligations towards the Association and voting rights.

1.500€ membership fee


Entities or individuals (directors, consultants, producers, directors, editors, publishers, etc.) participating in the whole UHD industry and who want to be updated in the improvement of Ultra High Definition in our country.

They have no responsibilities or obligations towards the Association.

They do not have voting rights either.

Company: 1.500€ membership fee
Individual: 150€ membership fee

How do I become a partner?

If you are interested in joining the UHD SPAIN Association please contact us to receive a membership package with additional information about UHD SPAIN and a membership agreement.

Follow the link below to request a membership summary with detailed information.

I want to become a partner